Founded in 1963, the Kherson Butter Factory has been producing the highest quality butter for more than 50 years,
delivered to South Korea, Azerbaijan, Turkey, USA, Georgia and other countries.
The plant's capacity makes it possible to produce butter with a fat content from 72.6% to 84.0%.
The batter can be made in the form of a monolith weighing 10-20-25 kg,
or be packaged in 0.2 kg, 0.45 kg, 0.5 kg packages.
In addition to butter, the company produces cheeses such as "Maazdam", "Royal",
as well as cottage cheese products with the replacement of milk fat with vegetable fat.
The company is certified according to the management system in accordance with
to the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard and the Halal standard.