Butter Plant Of Kherson was built in 1963. Since the beginning of its activities it functioned as a city dairy plant, which provided the city's population with whole-milk products. In 1975, the company has partially changed its specialty to the production of butter and pliable pickled cheese. In the past few years Butter Plant Of Kherson has processed 40-60 tons of cream per day, concentrating on production of butter in the region. In 1995, "Butter Plant Of Kherson" Joint Stock Company was founded on the basis of Kherson Butter Making Plant. Since 04.03.2011 the company was renamed into "Butter Plant Of Kherson" Public Joint Stock Company in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies" as of September 17, 2008. No. 214-IV.

In 2000, with the arrival of a new investor, a company was reconstructed within a short period, cheese ripening rooms, salting and pressing units were created, technological equipment for the production of hard cheese and butter was purchased and installed.

In 2016 "Butter Plant Of Kherson" PJSC purchased a new butter packaging machines ARM (a pack of 450-500 grams).

The company has been reorganized since 19.10.2017 into "Butter Plant Of Kherson" Additional Liability Company and is the full legal successor of "Butter Plant Of Kherson" PJSC.

The main product of "Butter Plant Of Kherson" ALC is butter with fat content of 72.6-84.0, weighing 10-20 kg, packed in 0.2 kg, 0.45 kg, 0.5 kg, which is produced by the method of churning cream into the butter churn. Trademarks are presented by "Khersonochka", "EUROFARM", "Golden Cow". Butter is exported to South Korea, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Among the hard cheeses the cheeses with a 45-day ripening period ("Maasdam", "Korolivskyi", "Hollandskyi", "Bukovynskyi") take 85% of the total cheese production. In addition to hard cheeses with a 45-day ripening period, the company produces cheeses with a 20-day ripening period: "Rosiiskyi", "Zvenyhorod", "Admiral". The production of cheese product "Kyivskyi" with the content of vegetable fats, the cost of which is lower, as in cheeses exclusively from dairy raw materials, was established, it is in demand in the cheese products market both for its taste and a lower sale price.

The high quality of cheese, produced at "Butter Plant Of Kherson" ALC is confirmed by the awards received by the company's products at various exhibitions. In 2002, at the republican cheese review, conducted by the National Association "Ukrmiasomolprom" ("Ukrainian Research Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry Enterprises") cheese "Rosiiskyi" received a silver medal. In March 2003, cheese "Alpiiskyi" received the bronze award for the same review. In 2003, at the V international specialized exhibition cheese "Rosiiskyi", produced by "Butter Plant Of Kherson", was awarded with a diploma and a silver medal for its quality. Cheeses of Kherson Butter Making Plant" ALC are sold under the trademark "Khersonskyi SyrTM" ("Kherson CheeseTM")

The company is certified in the management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.