The product milk-containing cheese "Marble" is one of the types of product that is included in the list of the most popular and consumed food products. The product milk-containing cheese "Marble" is produced using rennet sourdough and cow's milk (calorizer). The product contains natural dyes. Thanks to this, in the section we get a beautiful two-color pattern that looks like marble.
Ingredients: skimmed milk, whole cow's milk, milk fat substitute (vegetable fats and oils in natural and cured form refined deodorized, emulsifier (E 471), lecithin (E 322), food coloring beta-carotene (e 160A), butter flavor, antioxidant (E 320, E 321)), boiled food salt "extra", stabilizer – calcium chloride (E 509), preservative – potassium nitrate (e 252), natural dye (e 160B), bacterial starter culture, enzyme preparation.
Mass fraction of total fat in dry matter 50.0% ± 1.6%.
You can order the product milk-containing cheese "Marble" on our website of the Kherson butter factory, leaving a request in advance. Wholesale prices apply for large batches.