Cheese "Marochnyi" refers to elite cheeses with a refined taste. This is a cream cheese with a pleasant pronounced cheese taste. Cheese "Marochnyi" of the Butter Plant of Kherson will satisfy a real gourmet.
Cheese "Marochnyi" of the Butter Plant of Kherson has a yellow color and a homogeneous delicate plastic consistency without cheese holes.
Ingredients: whole cow's milk, skimmed milk, extra boiled salt, stabilizer – calcium chloride (E 509), preservative – potassium nitrate (E 252), natural dye (E 160B), bacterial starter culture, enzyme preparation.
Mass fraction of fat in dry matter 50.0% ± 1.6%.
You can order cheese "Marochnyi" on our website of the Butter Plant of Kherson, leaving a request in advance. Wholesale prices apply for large batches.